Why the Big 4 Management Consulting Firms May Not Be Right

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Are you one of those people to value the quality of a product over its marketing? Do you believe going for the standardized answer may not always be the right call? How important is it for you to get your money’s worth? 

Management consulting is an intrinsic market. You’ve got to trust the best, to get the best. Nevertheless, are the best always at the top?

The likes of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, KPMG, PWC, and Ernst & Young surely will give you expert consulting services, but can you really get value?

The present article has no intention to bash other firms’ work ethics or reputation for that matter. However, sometimes, we fall into the trap of assuming reputation is solely a product of performance and forget to factor in advertising spends and marketing budgets.

Are one of the big 4 consulting firms your way to go? Let’s find out.

What is Management Consulting?

First, we should take a brief break to really understand what management consulting does for you:

  • Guarantees your business expert advice and guidance.
  • Improves operational, strategic, and organizational processes.
  • Most business consulting is executed in this regard (covers 50% – 55% of the consulting market).
  • Enhances multiple function areas of a company, bringing it to fruition through increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Fills in skill gaps your business might be experiencing.

In short, external business management consulting saves you money by streamlining your company.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Big 4 Consulting Firms

rendering of gold dollar signs showing the high dollar expense of big 4 consulting firms on a phone

Then why are we here to talk about NOT hiring a consulting firm? Well, it’s not that you shouldn’t hire one – chances are you would really benefit from it but you need to know how to find your perfect match.

Some reasons why the big 4 consulting firms – or any of the big ones, really – are not the ones for you:

  • Consulting is supposed to be less expensive than hiring on your own. Unless you are a big, big company, you are not going to get your money’s worth. The next bullet point explains this.
  • Smaller clients don’t get the same level of attention. You might be hiring the best firm, but you are certainly not getting their best professionals working in your case.
  • Efficacy is not necessarily guaranteed. A talented, smaller firm can do more than any amount of entry level consultants following the playbook of the big firm.
  • Do you want solutions for YOU? You are always going to be just another client for big firms. Good consulting takes customization. It’s a hand-in-hand kind of deal. Otherwise, how could you ever set yourself apart? SBG Consulting provides a strong return on investment. A personalized treatment goes without saying. Take a look at our short-term consulting!
  • Communication. More people on your account means additional individuals needing to be constantly updated. More often than not, you will find yourself explaining the same issues over and over. Even more likely your organization is already struggling with communication internally and that might be a reason you’re looking for consulting to begin with.
  • You need people that really get you. Management consulting takes more than knowledge. You require someone who has been in your shoes. And thus, out-of-the-box, more rewarding solutions are always going to be found in small business consulting.
  • Small business consulting companies are more likely to keep an eye on the newest consulting advances. The reason for this is that to remain competitive small consultancies need to specialize. In other words, narrowing down someone’s niche gets them more of the right clients. At SBG Consulting we focus specifically on improved operations through unrivaled leadership skills and we will teach you these methods.

Advantages of Using Small Business Consulting

You get the point. Smaller business consulting firms do not equate to slower growth for clients. In fact, you could argue faster results are guaranteed to happen, due to the additional investment in resources, time, and effort that align specifically with your organizations needs.

A successful client is the only endorsement a management consultant requires. The only proof of a job well done.

If all the matters exposed in this article resonate well with your company’s needs, learn more about SBG Consulting. We believe every single business has the potential to achieve greatness. 

This is what working with SBG looks like:

  • Analysis. Here you learn your blind spots and places for opportunity. We uncover some of the biggest issues of your company.
  • Planning. During this phase, we’ll draft a 90-day execution plan. We start looking to the future.
  • Implementation. We put everything into practice. Soon, you will notice the results just pouring in.

SBG is Where Your Small Business Grows

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So, what do you say?


What do management consulting services do?

Provides your business expert advice and guidance to improve operational, strategic, and organizational processes.

Why is management consulting important?

Management consulting assists businesses enhance their overall performance, developing optimized processes and building critical leadership skills so you can scale.

What are the different types of consulting?

There are about 19 different types of business consulting because there are so many functional areas of a company. In this article we focused on three main types: Strategy Consulting, Management Consulting and Operations Consulting because these cover the broadest area which we believe provides a strong return on investment.