Strategic & Business Plan Reviews

A business plan review from SBG Consulting will evaluate your pitch from start to finish, twice. The first pass will take a cursory look, much like an investor’s first glance, to verify that even on the surface you have articulated your value proposition. The second time will go through in-depth, examining every detail.

Our plan review is usually the best fit from our various services for organizations that haven’t yet started operating a payroll. For established businesses we recommend our Consulting or Fractional COO arrangements.

What happens during a business plan review?

We use our experience starting and operating multiple businesses simultaneously across several industries and verticals to objectively:

  • make certain you have communicated why your business matters, clearly and concisely;
  • evaluate your strategy before you put in extensive investment of your own time or money;
  • check that the plan establishes why YOU have the ability to execute it;
  • bring attention to missed opportunities and any weaknesses in your planned operations;
  • edit thoroughly for clarity and grammar;
  • ensure you don’t make the same mistakes that others have already learned from!
Reviewing the financial projections charts and reports of the business strategic plan

To have your plan reviewed simply send an email! Attach your plan in a single PDF or DOCX and send to:

Business plan review starts at just $99 for basic documents. Since no two plans are alike, nor should they be, we have four tiers of pricing based on overall plan length below.

illustration of components of a business plan on laptop screen while person types

Price Tiers & Business Plan Review Timelines

Based on Document Length

  • 20 pages or less = $99 one-time fee; next-business-day turnaround
  • up to 40 pages = $149 one-time fee; 3 business day turnaround
  • up to 75 pages = $249 one-time fee; 3 business day turnaround
  • over 75 pages = $299 one-time fee; 7 business day turnaround

(count all pages including appendices except numeric financial projections)

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if attached in the email with your plan.

We cannot sign any non-competition agreements as we cannot guarantee that we are not already engaged with other clients who may be operating in a similar space to your concept.

Submit your plan by email with the document attached as a single PDF or DOCX file:

You will receive an invoice for the service via email and your review will start immediately following receipt of payment. Payments are accepted via Square with any major credit card.