Fractional Nonprofit Management

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Does your association or nonprofit organization need to fill leadership positions but you don’t have the funds yet for full time executive officers? You likely already have a strong board of directors, but who will handle the daily operations? Our nonprofit management service is the solution you need.

As part of SBG Consulting’s wide range of services, we can fill roles such as Executive Director in a part-time capacity just like we do in for profit organizations with our fractional COO service. Your contracted ED handles the nuts and bolts of the operations required to roll out your Board’s strategic direction. Nonprofit management services give you the ability to bring in an individual with the financial management skills and communication skills to execute day-to-day operations without any of the long term overhead associated to recruiting and hiring other nonprofit leaders. It’s a truly budget-friendly relationship.

What are the benefits of our nonprofit management program?

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Senior Leadership

Get the most out of the limited resources a business has by accessing over 15 years of experience managing others in high performance environments. Small, growing organizations often hire less-experienced full timers with plans to teach and develop those individuals but then quickly realize they don’t have the resources (time) to do so. It doesn’t just take an advanced degree to excel in nonprofit leadership, it takes an ability to deliver on the expectations of a strategic plan and true leadership skills.

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Budget Friendly

Avoid the overhead and benefits needed to recruit and retain talented nonprofit professionals. Each week you may only need someone for a few hours or a few days and we develop each arrangement to fit the requirements of your organization. With the savings from this relationship the charitable funding your nonprofit organization receives will make efforts to make a social impact more effective.

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Not all nonprofit businesses have the same needs, but they all can benefit from the right leadership. Duties can include:

  • Deploying new resources or organizational culture initiatives
  • Strategic planning and creating KPIs and SOPs
  • Resource and asset management
  • Developing core skills among the team for greater community impact
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Core Similarities

Boards of directors understand that nonprofits are still businesses. While at the end of the day their performance is judged on their organizational impact and not their bottom line, fundamentals of the organization still require strategic management to address issues in financial statements, technology, personnel and community partnerships. The nonprofit still needs a complete business plan. The process with which SBG approaches its consulting services translate to being nonprofit experts because the core capabilities are shared.

Schedule 15 minutes to tell me a little about the problems you are facing and I’ll let you know a little more about my background, skills, and experience. Together we’ll decide if your nonprofit is a good fit for fractional leadership services and, if so, we can schedule a follow up conversation to get further into the details.