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Wondering why SBG Consulting is right for your small business or nonprofit organization? It’s all about leveraging complementary skillsets. Engineers are experts at problem solving while Scientists form and test hypotheses to share their analysis with the world. Leaders develop others and help them see the big picture at just the right time. Bring an unparalleled blend of these three attributes to your company with small business operations consulting from SBG.

SBG offers a suite of services for small businesses, depending on where they are in their business lifecycle. Pre-revenue companies take advantage of our business plan review. Small organizations struggling as a team opt for our short-term consulting engagements or fractional COO service. Owners or managers looking to strengthen their own effectiveness are often best served through individual leadership coaching.

Four stages of business growth and the appropriate service from SBG to support them illustrated by four seedlings at different stages rising from the soil.

Principal consultant Barry Hansen (portrait)

Barry Hansen, ASBC® is an accomplished entrepreneur with a penchant for helping small organizations identify opportunities for better efficiency, leadership, and profitability. With his Fractional COO service he also assists companies with their execution in each of those areas. Barry has a degree in engineering as well as master’s degrees in science and leadership. Barry is a member in good standing of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants.

Prior to consulting for small business owners, Barry held multiple operations management positions across various industries from fast-casual restaurants and brewery operations to eCommerce and tourism experiences companies. He is a true jack-of-all-trades. His most recent position led to the company being named on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies four times in a row. Continue reading…


Image of the building blocks of business to depict short term consulting

Operations Consulting

  • Great for 5-50 employee businesses
  • High ROI, focused on increasing operational efficiency of you and your team
  • Short term, < 6 months engagement
  • Full strategic analysis and next steps guide provided at end of contract
Attain personal goals. Conceptual Compass with needle pointing to the word coaching.

Leadership Coaching

  • Focused on individual goals
  • Long term exploration and skills development
  • Unlock the potential you already have
  • Learn to empower your team to achieve its highest potential
A highlighted job ad in the newspaper for a chief operating officer

Fractional COO

  • When you realize you need to work on your business, not in it, we handle the operations.
  • Great for business with 20+ on payroll, not yet ready to absorb the investment and commitment of a C-suite
  • 12 month engagement typically

For pre-revenue businesses we offer business and strategic plan reviews. This flat-fee service is typically turned around within three business days and has no recurring payment required.

If you’re a nonprofit looking for senior leadership, consider our nonprofit management support. SBG will act as Executive Director in a part time capacity just like our Fractional COO service to implement the strategies designated by your existing Board.

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